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Alumni Success Stories

  • Maria Hayat Success Story

    Maria Hayat

    • Graduation : 2015
    • Department : Computer Science
    After graduating from comsats, I applied to many IT companies in Lahore , Many times give an interview and got rejected. I didn't give up, I took a chance from unpaid internship in web just for the sake of learning skills after 4months of applying I got an offer from UK based Company Fullduplex as a software web developer, That track polished my skills. I keep growing and switched company to explore more n more about IT market. I got specialized in Software Project Management from FAST Lahore in 2019.
    In 2017 to present : One of the Dubai and china based company "Stalwart pvt ltd "offer me to established their IT company from Scratch. I take a charge as a Program Manager, and started to make a plan of meeting goals by hirings technical team , trainings and developed a product for INTERNATIONAL TRADE, Its been 3 years we have been launched the software in dubai office and further adding features to meet the market need.
    Meanwhile , I wanted to improve the Waste system of pakistan. As an entrpenur I address this issue and present a details plan proposal of software in severl expo, confrncs , seminars like Plan9, PlanX , NIC..
    In 2018, To look into the high demanding market need of experts "Fullstack Developer " , I collaborate with PNY Trainings: IT institute located in Arfa Software Tech Park ASTP) to launch the Diplome course first time in pakistan, this course cover everything from thinking like a software development tools and resources, to key concepts such as data & control structures, usage patterns, control flow, and object orientated programming, as well as leading on to basic web development, utilising styling, scripting, and backend implementation.
    Aamar Iqbal Success Story

    Aamar Iqbal

    • Graduation : 2017
    • Department : Mechanical Engineering
    Since childhood my brain's propensity was to understand the fundamental concepts of nature so the habit of questioning each time to myself and others brought me here today, Right after my graduation I joined an automotive company (MGA Industries Pvt Ltd.) as a trainee engineer, during my tenure of two years I got promoted 2 times from trainee engineer to Executive and then to Production Engineer, just because of the habit I learnt in COMSATS to keep doing, keep motivating, be positive, never give up, after that I got an offer from HYUNDAI NISHAT MOTOR to join their team as a senior executive and be a pioneer.
    Muhammad Hasan Success Story

    Muhammad Hasan

    • Grduation : 2019
    • Department : Computer science
    After graduating from CUI, Sahiwal Campus, I got admission in MS CS at UET, Lahore following semester. I am also serving as "Graduate Assistant" at the Department of Computer Science, UET Lahore and enjoying scholarship + monthly stipend offered by university.
    Ahmed Saeed Success Story

    Ahmed Saeed

    • Graduation : 2017
    • Dpartment : Management Science
    Starting from my failure i have proposed a project for the production of ethanol fuel in pakistan my project was appreciated by all my teachers of ms department but was rejected by SSBC Comsats. But that was not failure in actual i learned lot of things from that project and from those contacts and relations i started my own production plant for disposable products and my business is running succesfully and now i am also practicing tax law and fully utilizing my education.
    Yasir Zulfiqar Success Story

    Yasir Zulfiqar

    • Graduation : 2018
    • Department : Electrical Engineering
    I graduated as Electrical Engineer, from EE Department of COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus in 2018. I can very soundly say that with the help of the skill set I gained at EE Department, my career took leap bounds. My career growth could not be possible without rigorous training and grooming that was done at CUI, Sahiwal Campus. Currently I am working at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited as Assistant Manager. Much of this Credit goes to the EE Department and Professors at this Institute. Today I’m confident enough to communicate efficiently at any Level of Corporate Management and this is because of Personality Development at CUI, Sahiwal. Indeed this prestigious Institute has given me much more than a degree!
    Muhammad Ahmad Success Story

    Muhammad Ahmad

    • Graduation : 2015
    • Department : Computer Science
    i have done Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 11-Feb-2020 After that joined Haier Telecom in june 2015 as a Software Test Engineer and within 1 year promoted to Assistant Product Manager. Left Haier Telecom in start of 2018 and joined a "Smartphone Gaming Firm" currently serving in this company As a Senior SQA Lead, Data Analyst & Game Design (UX Engineer).
    Hamza Fareed Success Story

    Hamza Fareed

    • Graduation : 2018
    • Department : Computer Science
    Graduation can be considered as the golden end of educational career but it is also crucial start of practical career. I started my career from an unpaid internship and I also started a small business of herbal farming, which was a totally new field for me. I managed it efficiently and it helped me to earn enough money to bear my expenses. I worked hard and expanded my small business and now it is my family business. It’s another success story. I took four months’ experience and learned many new things, I became skilled enough to get hired as a full time employee for the post of Software Engineer. After a year, I got an offer from another company which I accepted. I have polished my skills and have expanded my knowledge significantly. Clock kept on ticking and a time came when I achieved a milestone of my career. After an Assessment program (UBL Tech Talent 2020), UBL – United Bank Limited selected me for the Permanent position of Software Engineer (OG-II). Last but not the least, I'm grateful to COMSATS University, Islamabad, and Smart Venture Technologies for making me what I'm today. It was my privilege to work with extremely talented and supportive Teachers, Seniors and colleagues which helped in moulding my career.
    Umer Pirzada Success Story

    Umer Pirzada

    • Graduation : 2009
    • Department : Management Science
    I am one of those who admit always at all platforms that I was nothing before joining COMSATS and always proud to be a pioneer, today what I am, all credit goes to my beloved institution and my respected teachers of COMSATS Sahiwal. I can write multiple pages of that golden time that I spent in COMSATS, that how teaching and non teaching staff all gave love, courage and support to us. Yes, Everyone have a success story. My biggest success in life is that confidence that developed by my institution my teachers in my personality because of which I competed in professional career. After MBA completion in 2009, Now I am postgraduate from UET Lahore, in past 11 years I did job in 3 multinational companies, started my own company and running it successfully and Alhamdulillah now I am a professional exporter, exporting work wear garments around the world. I am a corporate member of LCCI, have a membership of Marketing Association of Pakistan. My company (Voguish Impex Private Limited) have a turnover of 10 million in a month. Looking forward towards direct sales through Amazon InshaAllah. These all achievements are only because of that developed base made by COMSATS, I am always indebted to my teachers. Always wish to witness my institution among the top.
    Muhammad Talha Success Story

    Muhammad Talha

    • Graduation : 2019
    • Department : Computer Science
    Diving into the direct Market was a real challenge for me.When I graduate and started looking for a job that was a real challenge because market don't recommend freshers and if you have good skills in your area of expertise then you are good to go.So the thing is you need to develop your skills because no one can do your job in the professional life you need to do yourself. Now I Work as Sr.Software Engineer and Product head at Logistic at marine biologist put a shark into a big tank at the time of a research experiment. Followed by that, he released some tiny bait fishes into it. As expected, the shark didn’t wait to attack those fishes and ate them. Later, a clear fiberglass was inserted into the tank which partitioned the tank into two and the shark remained in one side. A similar set of bait fish was sent to the other side of the tank like before. And the shark attempted to attack those fishes but failed by hitting on the fiberglass. The shark attempted for several days until it gave up. Later, the biologist removed the glass from the tank but the shark didn’t try to attack the small fishes. The shark always continues to see a false barrier in the tank and stopped his attempts. Moral: It is quite common for many people to give up after many setbacks and failures. The story is an example for keep trying always and to never give up despite multiple failures
    Shahros Rana Success Story

    Shahros Rana

    • Graduation : 2018
    • Department : Computer Science
    I have been developing video games since second semester of University and always was passionate about games so I chose it as my professional career. It really is a lucky coincidence when your professional life intersects with a cause that you personally care about. I consider myself blessed to have been able to become a part of a landmark startup called "WonderTree" - a Karachi based tech company which graduated from Nest I/O comprising of young professionals like me towards a more inclusive Pakistan. We focus on the special needs and educational sector of Pakistan and make Augmented Reality, Virtual reality and mixed reality Games for children with disabilities and for ECD (Early Childhood Development). These games are made with psychologists, child therapists, software engineers and game developers and focus on motor, cognitive, and educational skills of special children. I work as a Game developer at WonderTree and contribute towards the game development process. These games have been acknowledged internationally by UNICEF Funds and Google for StartUps Accelerator, along with many other prestigious awards. In a country where the special needs population is marginalized and ignored, I believe at WonderTree, we are aiming towards making life a bit easier and inclusive for all by making these fun, entertaining and intuitive games.

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