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The Sahiwal City was Originally Known as MONTGOMERY, Founded by Sir. Robert Montgomery in 1865. He was the Former Governor of Punjab. This City Took It's Current Name in 1966. Sahiwal is teh Best Planned City In Punjab. Sahiwal and Rochdale (Manchester) become sister cities in more →

Sports Facilities

Sports are the vital part of any educational process. The campus has Cricket, Football, badminton, and basketball grounds for both male and female students. Also the gym and indoor game centers are open to students for health and sports activities. The student week is held in each semester offering healthy competition among students in co-curricular more →

Health Care

To meet the physical, mental and social challenges the campus has a medical center along with a medical officer and two nursing staff to provide the first aid and to fulfill the emergency more →


Name of Societies
  • Litrary Society
  • Dramatic Society
  • Calligraphy & Fine Arts Society more →


The campus has wide space and proper shelters at four different points to provide the best facilities to faculty, students and visitors for parking their vehicles inside the more →


The University has one large cafeteria which provide snacks and regular meals . The Cafeteria Committee ensures good hygienic standards. The cafeteria has been renovated recently. Attractive environment and added varieties of food-stuff help the students relax here, in the break between their more →

City Information

The Sahiwal District has been settled from the pre-historical era. Harappa is an archaeological site, about 35 km (22 mi) west of Sahiwal that was built approximately 2600 BCE. The area was part of South Asian empires and in crossroads of migrations and invasions from Central Asia.The pastoral tribes of this barren expanse did not appear to have paid more than a nominal allegiance to the Muslim rulers; the population more →

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About Us

COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal campus is situated half-way between Lahore and Multan on COMSATS Road off G.T Road Sahiwal, was formally inaugurated on September 23, 2006. The campus is purpose built and is spread over area of 36 acres on land...

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